Why Choose Us

Top reasons that West American Roofing is your BEST ROOFING CONTRACTOR 

Hardhats and Uniforns by Roofing Employees

We know you have many choices today for your commercial or residential roofing contractor.  So, thank you for considering our company.  We have built a very successful (but not too large) roofing company by giving each of our customers excellent quality and well above average service.  Below are a few reasons that make us a top choice for you.

License, Bonded and Insured Roofing AND General Building Contractor

Experienced Roofing Contractor EmployeesToo many homeowners find out the hard way about the problem with dealing with an improperly licensed or insured roofing contractor.  When a roofing laborer hurts themselves on your residential or commercial property your liability or homeowners insurance probably won’t cover the claim when they worker is not insured.

When you deal with us, you are assured that we have employees that are trained to be safe and to provide excellent quality work.  And, if by chance one our people get hurt, you don’t have the risk or burden of paying for their injuries.  Our Workers Compensation insurance covers our employees, not you or your homeowner’s insurance.

Well established and successful company

Vic and John by Roofing Trucks
John Condon (L) and Vic Enright (R) Co-Owners

We started business in 1990, that’s over 25 years ago!  Vic Enright is still the owner and has recently added a business partner to help improve and grow the company further.  In that time, we have repaired or replaced roofs on 100’s of commercial properties and 1000’s of residential properties.

Most of our business comes to us through referrals of our happy customers and some repeat business as wells.

Committed to excellent quality workmanship

West American Roofing Crew and Vehicles in Conejo ValleyWhen you are looking for a long-lasting roof that is repaired or replaced properly so that won’t leak and will look great, you can rely on our company.  Our employees are committed to doing the work properly and not cutting corners that can cause you problems.

We work with the very finest roofing materials manufacturers to repair or replace your roofing.

Our own employees NOT sub-contractors

Commercial built-up roofing applicationToday, many roofing contractors (and most non-licensed roofers) cut corners by not having real employees.  They hire day laborers or sub-contractors that work for themselves or other companies.

Cheap roofers do this so they don’t have the extra expense of a Bond, Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation insurance.  Not having those state requirements puts YOU at risk, not them.  When a roof worker falls or is hurt by burns, or equipment and they are not insured by their “employer” you are responsible to pay the bill because they are on your property.  Plus most homeowner’s insurance will not pay the claim when you hire a non-licensed roofer and their contractors.

Bigger than this risk is the poorer quality workmanship.  We’ve been called out numerous times over the years to fix the problems from cheap roofers that cut corners with the workers.  The roofs simply don’t last as long or have problems come back on the very next rainfall.

Many of our employees have been with us since the beginning and over a decade.  This progressive experience means they get the job done right the first time while keeping the risk of problems on us, not you.

We give you options!

So many roofing companies are really big on pushy salesmanship.  You’ll never find that with us.  In fact, we go to great lengths to give you options that help you.  For most roofing quotes we give you 3 levels of roofing choices: Good, Better and Best.  This way you choose the level of cost and needs that fit your particular situation.

More convenient, better service and better experience

No dumpster

Bon Homme Roof Replacment (2)Most roofing companies park a big ugly dumpster on your property to get rid of all the removed debris from your roof.  But at West American Roofing, we have our own dump trucks that we fill up and drive away each day.

Better clean Up

Each day we work diligently and meticulously to clean up your property so we don’t leave trash, roofing materials or nails laying around.  We use magnetic pickups to find the nails we can’t see too.

We’re guest in your home, not at our work

Our employees won’t be blaring loud music, or cursing, or any other inappropriate behavior.  We act as if we are guest in your home or office.  This means we treat you, your family, your employees respectfully and you don’t have to put up with any bad behavior.

We offer affordable financing too!

Office Manager of West American Roofing IncGetting a new roof for your home or business can be a costly investment that protects the property.  Because of its expense we have some very good financing plans in addition to accepting cash, check and credit cards. Our financing plans include zero interest and low interest rates.  Check with us for current details.